Incorporate in Japan

Branch Office Registration

For those who are interested in a simple and inexpensive form, one way to have a base of business is to set up a branch in Japan. The Companies Act stipulates that the foreign company who intends to conduct business activities must appoint a representative in Japan and register it with the Legal Affairs Bureau. The obligation to set up a branch was abolished, but most companies choose to form a branch as well as a representative in Japan, in order to create a better impression to customers.

Flow of procedures for setting up a branch office

Determine the basic matters for branch (business purposes in Japan, location of branch, representative in Japan, etc.)

Confirmation if prior notification is required under the Foreign Exchange Law

Certification of Affidavit

Lodging the application with the Legal Affairs Bureau for commercial registration

Completion of registration; acquisition of certificate of registration and certificate of company seal

Filing documents to relative authorities

Time required: about one month if prior notification to the Bank of Japan is unnecessary.